14 Dec Premiato il progetto di riqualificazione urbana del centro di Longarone

Torreano (UD). On the occasion of its 50th year of establishment, the Consorzio Produttori Pietra Piasentina, awarded five of the most significant international and national projects that have been able to better exploit their stone. Among them, the project for urban redevelopment of the Longarone center (BL), for use of the Pietra Piasentina, as the protagonist of the intervention materials, the design enhancement of aesthetic and performance capabilities characteristics, in a urbanistic context and climatically difficult. To illustrate the various projects the Prof. Arch. Giorgio Cacciaguerra, Professor of Architecture at the Technical DICAM del’Università of Trento and component of the National Council of Architects. The award was received by Eng. Gianluca Vigne as head of the project, a work of sculptor Dumitru Ion Serban, made entirely of stone Piasentina.