Technological Systems

Areatecnica’s experience in designing technical systems covers a wide variety of sectors, in particular:

  • heating and air conditioning systems;
  • refrigeration systems;
  • plumbing and bathroom systems;
  • electrical and special systems;
  • lighting systems;
  • building management systems (BMS);
  • fire prevention systems;


Specifically, Areatecnica offers services for industrial, civil, commercial, management and hospital buildings, taking care of project design, supervision of works, overall surveillance and safety coordination, with the aim of providing a complete, 360° service in the various areas of system design.


The experience gained in integrating engineering and energy disciplines allows Areatecnica to offer outstandingly effective energy saving techniques, as well as the use of renewable energy sources, a fundamental objective for today’s projects.

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Areatecnica is constantly investing in the study and use of renewable energy sources, designing buildings with low energy impact with the aim of effectively exploiting primary energy derived from renewable energy sources in order to obtain significant energy savings and at the same time optimise investment.


All this is done by following the main sustainability protocols, such as LEED®, BREAM® and ITACA®. The competitive advantages for those following these protocols become evident in particular in the quality of the end result, in the significant saving on running costs these buildings can achieve in comparison with traditional buildings.


Over the years, Areatecnica has designed:


  • heating systems with thermal mass activation radiant panels;
  • air conditioning systems with geothermal probes to heat and cool rooms;
  • solar heating systems for the production of domestic hot water, or as an integration to heating systems for the production of energy;
  • photovoltaic and co-generation systems for the production of electrical energy;
  • trigeneration systems for the combined production of electrical energy for heat and refrigerated water;
  • biomass systems for the production of heating and electrical energy and public networks;
  • animal waste biogas systems for the production of renewable energy.


More than half of the projects we are involved in include the use of energy from renewable sources. We develop feasibility and concept studies as well as detailed projects, in order to provide successful solutions to integrate all technologies into the main systems.




An energy diagnosis is the first step on the way towards making a real difference to running costs and carbon emissions. Areatecnica can conduct a low-cost audit of existing technical systems, by examining energy and processes and comparing them with the effective requirements. Results so far have been spectacular, making a return on investment possible in less than three years.

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Technological Systems