Project Management

Areatecnica aims to meet clients’ needs, provide technical assistance, offer planning and project development solutions, as well as supporting supervision of works and enterprises in a variety of sectors.


The process can be summarised as follows:

  • documentation for offer requests and tenders;
  • technical and administrative supervision of works;
  • measurement, accounting, assistance, surveillance of works;
  • testing and completion of works;
  • construction and “as built” project;
  • coordination of safety during the implementation stage;
  • assisting the project manager;
  • checking that project drawings and reports are complete;
  • quality control of timing and costs;
  • assisting the commissioning body in obtaining permits, authorisation and approval;
  • support for identifying tender contractors and suppliers;
  • technical and administrative consulting services;
  • evaluation, monitoring and supervision of projects and programmes;
  • assistance for commencement and management of works and systems;
  • technical due diligence for real estate projects.
Project M2
Project M1

Our success in these sectors lies in our ability to manage highly developed projects, which may also include programme management and consulting services. Although the range of services varies depending on the project, our activities are focused on accurately following the design, complying with the building programme and guaranteeing the highest possible level of quality.


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