Construction Engineering

Innovation and modern technology form the base for the development of our project design techniques, which are applied based on the research, study and testing necessary to guarantee a reliable, safe service and ensure targets are reached. The last few years have seen a rise in the demand for new constructions in the sector of bio architecture, construction and infrastructures, linked to which is a considerable demand for energy, with the accent firmly on practices and solutions designed to offer improved energy efficiency.

Areatecnica provides consulting, project design services and assistance for the choice of materials and the carrying out of the work required, as well as innovative solutions for both the planning and construction stages. We deal with projects ranging from property restructuring and redevelopment to the recovery of the urban environment for the adaptation and functional improvement of the areas to be developed. In the field of civil engineering projects and infrastructures, Areatecnica seeks to provide clients with the most complete, effective analysis possible of the area and the sites present there, in order to ensure the effective creation and implementation of distribution systems for plumbing and sewerage networks, street lighting, gas networks and remote heating systems.


Areatecnica’s experience in the field of construction engineering can be applied in the following areas:

  • the urban environment
  • building for the tertiary sector
  • industry
  • hospitals
  • healthcare facilities
  • schools
  • sports facilities
  • hotels
  • residential building
  • commercial building
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SUSTAINABILITY: sustainable project design is an integral part of the Areatecnica process. Our approach to sustainable design lies in keeping things simple, through an integrated design process that carefully considers how the buildings we plan will condition the urban landscape around them.

The aim of our project design team is to reduce the environmental impact of every building by the following means:

  • sustainable planning of sites;
  • energy efficiency and renewable energies;
  • conservation of materials and resources;
  • improving the quality of the indoor environment.

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