expo emergenzePrevention, common language and respecting the fundamental principles of security. These are the three buzzwords behind the legislation to be issued shortly for health facilities. The complex and difficult issue, was the focus of a national absolute premiere at Expo emergencies of Bastia Umbra. To organize the conference was the Regional Directorate of the Fire Brigade of Umbria, led by the regional director Joachim Giomi, who explained what are the conditions and innovations of Balduzzi law. After him, there have been major Italian experts in the field of security strategies including Michele Vigne, a member of the Working Group for fire prevention in health activities.

Vigne explained that the current regulation has some stiffness due primarily to the alignment of the structures that deliver performance of specialist care in outpatient settings, including rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging and laboratory and the hospital. Therefore, he has led, in many cases, to defer the adjustment. Michele Vigne outlined the changes introduced by the revised legislation, which aims for greater flexibility to the real health needs and users in accordance with fundamental principles of fire safety.