05 Aug Published the new book by Michele and Gianluca Vigne on fire prevention

05-08-15-Copertina libro prevenzione incendi - ago2015

Fire prevention: update of the technical regulation for health facilities“, is the title of the book published by DEI – Typography of Civil Engineers – Rome, made by the authors Michael and Gianluca Vigne. A dedicated guide, both Technicians who are interested in fire safety in health facilities, both to the heads of the structures themselves, in the light of Decree 19 March 2015 Update of the rule of fire prevention technique for the design, construction and operation of public and private health facilities under the Decree 18 September 2002which streamlines the provisions contained in the previous technical regulation. The richness of images, diagrams and graphic examples make this a real operating manual, assist the implementation of what is already provided for by Law 189/2012, which established, among other things, changing the rules for fire fighting equipment health facilities, materialized in the Ministerial Decree of 19 March 2015.