Simbolo impianti
  • Industrial Technician
  • Director of Areatecnica

Has worked for over 30 years as an expert at national level in the areas of fire safety and plant engineering in civil, management, hospital and industrial buildings.

Viale Dolomiti 24
32036 Mas di Sedico (BL)
phone: +39 0437 847002 r.a.
fax: +39 0437 847788

A member since 1986 of the Central Technical and Scientific Fire Prevention Committee of the Ministry of the Interior, he has taken part in numerous work groups for the drafting of fire safety measures. His professional activities are complemented by continual in-depth theoretical research, amply documented by technical articles published in specialised magazines, daily newspapers, books and a variety of other publications. Since 1995 he has headed the Technical Problems Work Group of the Confedilizia Constructors’ Association, of which he has been national Vice President since 2000; since 2001, he has been President of the International Union of Property Owners.