Energy redevelopment, industrial archaeology recovery of the new property complex in Milan:

Recovery and reconversion of the office block and technological systems area of the former Ansaldo establishment in Via Tortona in Milan.

The buildings are situated in a redeveloped former industrial area, where entertainment and fashion activities now take place. Before the work was carried out, the buildings were used, respectively, as a canteen and as a high-potential heating plant serving the entire remote heating system of the industrial area.

The project posed a significant challenge in terms of the energy solutions adopted, including an analysis of the annual incident solar radiation on the façades of the buildings.

The project for the high-efficiency technological systems contemplated the following: the installation of photovoltaic panels all over the roof and on the south-west walls of both buildings; the installation of radiant panels to produce hot water to cover part of both buildings; the installation of heating and all-air conditioning systems for both buildings, using a hot and cooling fluid production unit with low consumption and very low NOx and PM10 emissions.

The aim of the solar radiation study was to assess which parts of the buildings are shaded by the surrounding constructions, and to what extent, and to look at how the presence of deciduous tree species affect the seasonal amount of incident solar radiation on the perimeter windows of the building. Specifically: during the winter, a variation in external solar radiation is offset by the heating system, in order to guarantee a suitably comfortable temperature inside the building; during the summer, a lower amount of external solar radiation results in the reduction of the need for air conditioning, offering an advantage in terms of energy consumption in the case in point.

Location: Milan

Client: Fin-press S.p.A.

Activities: preliminary, final and working design, supervision of works

Nature of the service: technological systems, low energy impact, photovoltaic system, solar thermal energy, refrigerant gas, solar radiation.

In collaboration with: Arch. P. Zanella

Significant figures:
Total surface area 3.580 m²
Volume 16.720 m³